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Independent First Nations Alliance


Pikangikum First Nation

Pikangikum First Nation Community Profile

PTO: Nishnawbe Aski Nation
TC: Independent First Nations Alliance
Population: 2,330 (On Reserve: 2,084; Off Reserve: 91)

Box 323 Pikangikum, ON P0V 2L0
Phone: 807-773-5578 | Fax: 807-773-5536 and 807-773-5324



Pikangikum First Nation is located on Pikangikum Lake, approximately 100 km northwest of Red Lake, Ontario. It is approximately 15 minutes by plane from Red Lake to Pikangikum.

Pikangikum is one of the largest First Nation communities in Northern Ontario with the highest on-reserve population in Northern Ontario, approximately 2,300. An estimated 75% of the population is under twenty-five years of age.



Pikangikum First Nation is a remote settlement of approximately 1720 people located in the Sioux Lookout District of northwestern Ontario. It is situated on the eastern shores of Pikangikum Lake at the Berens River. 100 kilometres north of the town of Red Lake. The community has a land base of 1,808 ha.

The community of Pikangikum is among the most populated among the First Nation Communities in the Sioux Lookout District, with 86% of the population being 39 years of age or younger. The population trend continues to grow at over 3% annually. The birth rate per capita is the highest in the Sioux Lookout Zone. Current statistics indicate the over one-third of Pikangikum is under 9 years of age.

The large population has had a significant impact on infrastructure, programs and services available at the community level. The local, constructed 13 years ago, suffers a severe shortage of classroom space. Community based programs are under-resourced, thus compromising the community's ability to provide programming that will meet their needs. As a result, the community often faces health, social and crime-related crises, such as medical emergencies, suicides, alcohol/drug/solvent abuse incidents, and a higher crime rate.



From January to near the end of March, Pikangikum is accessible by vehicle on the winter road. When the winter road is not available, Red Lake is also accessible using a boat over some lakes, and then a vehicle the rest of the way.

Pikangikum is currently building a controlled access all-weather emergency road that will avoid dangerous rapids on the Berens River and reduce the boat ride into the community to approximately 4 kilometres.

Accessible By YES NO
Air X
Rail X
Winter Road X
Year Round Road X



Linguistic Affiliation: Ojibway/English
Mother Tongue: Ojibway

The community of Pikangikum has a 97% retention rate of Ojibway language. Most of the children come to kindergarten as unilingual Ojibway speakers. This means that our children still learn easily from the Esteemed Elders. 



Election System
Election System YES NO
Custom Electoral System X
Term of office: 2 Years


Chief and Council
Title Name
Chief Amanda Sainnawap
Deputy Chief Jonah Strang
Councillor Susan L Turtle
Councillor Stephen Turtle
Councillor Jim M Strang
Councillor Penny Peters
Councillor Don Quill
Councillor Susan D Strang
Councillor Corry Turtle
Councillor Kevin R. Suggashie
Councillor Charlie Turtle
Electoral Ridings

(F) Kenora - Rainy River
(P) Kenora Rainy River

Band Staff

Phone: (807) 773-5578
Fax: (807) 773-5536

Title Tel/Ext
Chief Financial Officer All calls will be referred to by Band Office.
Finance Clerk
Financial Security
Quality Assurance Co. Membership Clerk
Probation Officer
Interim Legal Aid
Chief & Council Secretary
Band Secretary
Band Office Custodian
Operations & Maintenance


Community Infrastructure

Basic YES NO
Electricity (diesel generation) X
Water Treatment Facility X
Sewage - Lagoon X
Waste Disposal X


Canada Post X
Telephone X
Newspapers X
Television (satellite) X
Radio-Wawatay X
Internet X


Public Bus Service X
School Bus Service X
Taxi X


Community Recreation Facilities

Contact Information:

Gordon Turtle - Public Works
Phone: 8907-773-5578
Fax: 807-773-5536


Communication Recreation Facilities YES NO
Arena X
Community Hall X
Playground X
Gymnasium X
Sports Field X
Pow Wow Grounds X
Recreation Trails X
Beach X
Baseball Field X
Other Boat Launch X



General Delivery
Pikangikum, ON
P0V 2L0
Phone: 807-773-5561 or 773-5579
Fax: 807-773-5958

Education Director Kyle Peters
Phone: 807-773-1093
Fax: 807-773-1014

Educational Institution - 67 teachers/staff

  • Eenchokay Birchstick School K-12
  • Eenchokay Birchstick School K-12
  • NNEC provides tuition, boarding home for those attending secondary school in urban towns, cities
Post Secondary/Adult Education
  • NNEC provides tuition, living allowance for those attending post secondary in urban towns, cities



Phone: (807) 773-5550

*All calls will be referred to by Health office.

Title Notes
Health Board Chair
Health & Social Service Director
FNPHS 1 Visiting Doctor
Registered Nurses 6-7
Community Health Representative
NNADAP 807-773-5302
Mental Health Worker
Prenatal Worker
Youth Workers
Personal Support Worker
AHWS Crisis Team Coordinator
Telehealth Coordinator
Services & Programs
Program Name Tel/Ext
FN Welfare Administration
Home & Community Care Program 807-773-5272
Brighter Futures/Building Healthy Communities 807-773-5300
Healthy Babies/Healthy Children 807-773-1162
NAN/AHWS Crisis Intervention
Housing 807-773-5578
Tikanagan Child & Family Services 807-773-1103
Minosaywin Project 807-773-5481


Justice Sector

Programs & Services
Program Name YES NO
Youth Patrol X
Restorative Justice X
Peacekeepers X
Position # Available
Band Constables 6
By-Law Officers (Peacekeepers) 9
Probation Officers 1
Restorative Justice Workers 1
Solvent Abuse Patrol 6

Emergency Services


On Reserve Phone: 807-773-5007
On Reserve Fax: 807-773-1197
24 Hour OPP Call Centre: 1-888-310-1122


Medic Vac and Access Available
Emergency: 1-877-351-2345

Forest Fire Reporting



Business Directory

Business Name Tel
Canada Post 1-807-773-5913
Capital Management 1-807-773-5926
Country Home Improvement 1-807-773-8883
Eshkotay Wayab Power Authority 1-807-773-9935
North American Charters 1-807-773-5390
Northern Store 1-807-773-5913
Pikangikum Hotel 1-807-773-1039
Pikangikum Public Works 1-807-773-9947
Pikangikum Radio Station 1-807-773-5326
Pikangikum Restaurant 1-807-773-5326
Pikangikum Water Treatment Plant 1-807-773-5078
Wasaya Airways 1-807-773-5988
Whitefeather Laundromat 1-807-773-1106