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Independent First Nations Alliance


Whitesand First Nation

Whitesand First Nation Community Profile

PTO: Anishinabek Nation
TC: Independent First Nations Alliance
Population: 1140 (On Reserve: 340; Off Reserve: 800)

PO Box 68, Armstrong, ON P0T 1A0
Phone: 807-583-2177 | Fax: 807-583-2170



The Whitesand First Nation is an Ojibwa First Nation with a land base of 615 acres. The community of Armstrong Settlement is the main community in the area. In June 2008, their total registered population was 1086 people, of which their on-reserve population was 311.

Originally located along the northwest shore of Lake Nipigon near Mount St. John, and near the Whitesand River, which gives name to the group, Whitesand First Nation was without a home from 1942 when high water levels began eroding the shoreline and flooding out their buildings and burial grounds. Due to the economic influence of the Canadian National Railway, many Whitesand First Nation members settled along the CNR rail line. Largest of these settlements took place in Armstrong. Consequently, when a new Reserve was negotiated, it was located immediately north of that community.



Linguistic Affiliation: Ojibway / English
Mother Tongue: Ojibway



The Whitesand First Nation is part of the Independent First Nations Alliance of the Nishnawbe Aski Nation, though it is located within the Robinson Superior Treaty area. The First Nation is also a member of Waaskiinaysay Ziibi Inc., an economic development corporation made up of five Lake Nipigon First Nations.


Election System
Election System YES NO
Custom Electoral System X
Term of office: 2 Years


Chief and Council
Title Name
A/Chief Leslie Lachinette
Councillor Jim Doblej
Councillor Clifford Tibishkogijig
Councillor Marilyn Matinet
Councillor Jermaine Nodin
Councillor Rene Wilson Sr.
Band Office
Title Tel/Ext
Band Administrator 807-583-2177
Band Membership Clerk 807-583-2177
Economic Development Officer 807-583-2177


Community Infrastructure

Coming soon.



Whitesand Education Office 
79 N. Court Street Suite 103
Thunder Bay, Ontario
P7A 4T7
Phone: 807-345-4441
Fax: 807-345-4448


Title Name
Councillor /
Education Portfolio
Clifford Tibishokigijig
Committee Chair Betty Anderson
Committee Vice Chair Anthony Shapwaykeesic
Committee Member Diana Nayanookeesic
Committee Member Brenda Kwandibens



Whitesand First Nation does not operate or administer education at the primary level.  Students attend the local off-reserve school, Armstrong Public School.This school is operated under the Thunder Bay Public School Board and is located in Armstrong, ON.


Upon graduation, our students are required to seek secondary education off-reserve.  Armstrong Public School only administers the primary grades, up until Grade 8. It is the intent of the Boarding Home Program to identify homes and boarding parents that will house the students during the school year. The primary focus of the program is to provide a support system for our youth; to meet their needs where they are the true benefactors. Leaving the love and security of their families can make the transition to high school a difficult one for students. Our youth must adjust to their new surroundings in addition to facing the challenges of the secondary curriculum. The Whitesand Youth are fortunate in that our community is road accessible and within travelling distance to Thunder Bay. To ensure that the family unit remains intact, the Band operates a monthly bus run, allowing students to travel home during the weekends.

Post Secondary/Adult Education

Our Post Secondary Program was originally administered under the Seven Generations Program.  In 1995, Whitesand First Nation withdrew and developed their own education program. The Education Program is responsible for the administration of the educational budget.  A board was developed to assist the Program Coordinator with the selection of applicants. Each year it is the intent of the Program to provide as many applicants with their educational request.



Title Name
Health Coordinator Angela Nodin
Community Health Representative Brenda Kwandibens
Family Support Worker Lena Wabason
Family Support Worker Francis Nodin
Home Support Worker Jocelyne Wabason
Home Support Worker Mary Jane Shapwaykeesic
Referral Clerk Virginia Donio
Receptionist Daphne Nodin
Medical Van Driver - Highway Robert Matinet
Medical Driver - City Felix Sinoway
ECD Coordinator Sylvia Shapwaykeesic
ECD Assistant Kathy Gustafson


Justice Sector

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Emergency Services

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Business Directory

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