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Independent First Nations Alliance

Home Away Student Program


2020-21 Information

As governments and school boards prepare for the upcoming school year, IFNA is also preparing to welcome youth back to our Home AwayCommunity Student Dwellings in Sioux Lookout. We are very much looking forward to being together once again. As always, student safety and wellbeing are our number one concerns. Of course, this year enhanced protocols will be in place due to COVID-19. This document is intended to inform kids, parents and communities of how the IFNA team is preparing for what will definitely be a very different school year.

After a very successful inaugural year we know demand for the Home Away program will be even greater. While we institute safety protocols to keep our students safe, our standards and expectations for our students’ behaviours and attitudes will be heightened as well.

Students who are returning to Sioux Lookout or Thunder Bay and either participating in the Home Away Program or remaining with a boarding parent must download, sign and return the Home Away Program Letter of Understanding to Scott Urquart, either by email at or by fax at 807-737-3501.

Our Home Away Community Student Dwellings Health & Safety Protocols for COVID-19 have been developed, please download this document and look over it with your youth before they come to school this year. This is a living document and changes may be made to it as needed, based on the current COVID-19 situation.

Below is a flight schedule for students coming out their communities for the Home Away Program this year. A manifest is also included for reference to ensure that if you are attending you are on the list.

Flight Manifest - September 8th, 2020

  • Arrive Muskrat Dam 10:30am
  • Depart Muskrat Dam 11:00am
  • Arrive KI 11:25am
  • Depart KI 11:50am
  • Arrive Sioux Lookout 13:00

* We ask that all students be at the airport a minimum of ½ hour before their scheduled departure time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the protocols surrounding travel back to community?

Students who must travel will be required to self-isolate 14 days prior in order to ensure safety for the student and the community.

What happens if a student has symptoms?homeaway_web

Anyone displaying any flu-like symptoms will be immediately isolated off-site, tested and quarantined for a period of 14 days or when cleared by a health professional.

What happens to students who do not follow the protocols?

There will be a zero-tolerance approach to those violating safety protocols. Those not taking seriously the health and welfare of themselves or others will be asked to return to their community.

How will the IFNA Home Away Program deal with an Alternate Day or At-Home Learning schedule if enacted by the province and school boards?

IFNA has purchased and is retrofitting a mobile learning modular and locating it directly across from the Home Away Community Student Dwellings. The classroom will be staffed and available to provide supplemental learning support under any scenario. IFNA is committed to our goal of supporting students towards their educational success.




IFNA is moving out of their King Street office to make room for IFNA Students!

officesIFNA is committed to support our students’ success during COVID-19. When we heard our new Home Away residences could not be built in time we came up with a different solution.

We moved out of our IFNA offices at 98 King St. on Wednesday July 22 in order to turn it into our newest Home Away Community student dwelling to house IFNA high school students from KI and Muskrat Dam. Learn more here.


These are the team leads that are working together to provide a safe environment for our Home Away students this year. Their primary goal is to enact enhanced safety protocols for the Home Away Community Student Dwellings while providing a home-like environment and enriched educational experience.



Chief Executive Officer
Office: 807-737-1902
Cell: 807-631-8287


Wellness Lead
Office: 807-737-1902
Cell: 807-738-5698


Physician Consultant
Office: 807-737-1902